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Get To Know Us

Feed. Grow. Bloom.

At Ericott Mini Farm, we’re committed to bringing locally-grown flowers to our community. We spend our days growing beautiful specialty flowers that you’re sure to love and enjoy. We offer a wonderful variety of freshly-cut seasonal flowers, British-inspired garden-gathered arrangements, and specialty potted plants and flowers.
Originally founded as Ericott Farm when Erica and Scott married, the dream continues as Ericott Mini Farm.  At Ericott Mini Farm, we see our role as caretakers of these beautiful gifts that Mother Nature has bestowed on us.  Over the next few years, we look forward to sharing more native perennials as we employ the principles of permaculture and no-dig gardening methods on our land.  You can find us every Saturday from May through October at the Vienna, VA Farmers Market.  We also provide flowers for special events.

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Meet The Team

About : Meet the Team


Farmer, Florist, Mom, Educator

As a veteran educator, teaching will always be a part of  Erica's work at Ericott Mini Farm.  She also finds joy in the therapeutic and healing properties of working with flowers.

Maddie & Jackson

Resident Farm Managers

Maddie and Jackson have been overseeing the farm renovations and making sure all of our flower babies receive the nurturing they need to grow up strong and beautiful.


Grace & Alec

Floral Designers and House Plant Specialists

Fun facts!  Alec has perfect color vision and countless house plants have been saved by Grace.  


Special Helper

Oakley came to us from Wolftrap Animal Rescue.  She arrived with the name Honeysuckle; however, her parents (Maddie & Jackson) decided Oakley was better suited for her. In either case, she was destined to be a flower farmer. Her special contributions to the farm include digging holes and shredding cardboard for compost.



Our Inspiration

Scott (the "cott" part of Ericott) will always be an integral part of everything we do at Ericott Mini Farm.  His example was set for us not only by his extensive farming knowledge but by the way he lived every day of his life.

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