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Feeding Our Community

During the food insecurity crisis brought about by the COVID 19 Pandemic, Scott and Erica began growing organic produce to share with their local food bank.  After receiving a terminal diagnosis in January 2021, Scott asked Erica to keep the garden project going.  With the help of wonderful community volunteers, this project has "grown" and aims to provide 1000 lbs of organically grown vegetables for local food banks this year. For information about Scott's Garden for Others or to join us in the garden, see

Scott's Garden for Others: About

Scott's Love for Others

Scott's greatest goal in life was to bring a little happiness to other people.  He miraculously found ways to do this in life and as a memory of his life of service to others.  The fall issue of the TAPS Magazine (pages 32-34) beautifully captures Scott's generous and joyful spirit. 

Scott's Garden for Others: Text
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