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How it all began....

Updated: May 8, 2023

I knew it was love when Scott surprised me with a bucket of aged horse manure for my garden. We loved spending time together enjoying the awe and wonder of creation. It didn't matter whether we were hiking in the Shenandoah mountains, the Grand Canyon or just starting seeds in our own backyard, we found so much joy in nature. Together, we dreamed of building our farm, and when we married, our friends helped coin the name "Ericott" as our Bradjelina name.

Ericott Mini Farm was founded in 2019. While we were waiting to find our "real" farm, we were fortunate enough to secure a plot in our community garden, where we began growing both flowers and vegetables to enjoy ourselves and to share with others.

When Scott received a terminal diagnosis in 2021, it seemed our farm dreams would never be realized. My sweet daughter, Maddie, encouraged me to keep the dream alive, albeit, in a different form. After losing Scott, the only place I could find solace was in the garden and so I planted, and planted, and planted.... and thus, our tiny urban flower farm was born. After filling every available inch of my back yard, we planted in my son's front yard, and in pockets of my son-in-law's parents yard and soon Ericott Mini Farm came to be at the Vienna Farmers Market.

What I could have never anticipated was the series of miracles and God winks which would come to be through our flowers and the wonderful people who have come into our lives through the Vienna Farmer's Market. And so, the dream that Scott and I shared continues and I now know that a "real farm" is anywhere you nurture the miracle contained within one tiny little seed.

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